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Lacey and Josh Sturm Release New REFLECT LOVE BACK Song: Fearless Love

Have you heard “Fearless Love”, the first song for the Reflect Love Back Soundtrack, Vol. 2? This song is exclusively part of our new subscription in the RLB ALL ACCESS PASS.
Each month, we will release a brand new song and many other videos including a series called, “Conversations” with Lacey.  Click the button below to hear a clip from the song. ENJOY!

“When I started Flyleaf, (at the time we were called Passerby) I took Psalm 1 seriously which says “If you meditate on the scripture day and night everything you do will be successful.” So we started every Thursday night band practice with a weekly bible study. We would watch a video of Beth Moore or Rick Warren or someone like that talking about the Bible while we ate Little Caesars $5 hot and ready pizza’s together in our drummer James’s living room. 

The videos made group study easy and sparked meaningful conversations that helped us get to know each other better. Because of that we wrote better music, and in general just became a better band. We saw first hand the promise of Psalm 1 come to life in Flyleaf.

When we first started Flyleaf we lived on $50 a week. If we would have had a resource like Reflect Love Back, the five of us could have each pitched in 5 bucks a month to do studies instead of the hundreds of dollars we had to scrape together to buy the studies we did back then. 

I want to make Reflect Love Back as accessible as possible to as many as possible. We are always trying to do this better. That’s why we have changed the RLB model to a subscription.  You are Reflecting Love Back so beautifully and I am so thankful to be part of this community.”

- Lacey


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