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Join Zippo Encore at Welcome To Rockville in Jacksonville Next Weekend!

Rock out with Zippo at Welcome to Rockville this year!


Not only are there some incredible artists performing this year including KORN and Evanescence but Zippo Encore is back and it’s bigger and better than ever.  


Step away from the mosh pit and rock out with festival favourites as Zippo Sessions returns – catch an unmissable performance at a secret location at the festival. Visit the Zippo Encore area, home of the lighter that has sparked countless encores. Along with the unmissable performance, you can design personalized Zippo windproof lighters; check out a unique range of designs; get your hands on exclusive merchandise; and access money-can’t-buy prizes, like entrance to exclusive band signings.

Welcome To Rockville

Date: Friday, May 3 – Sunday, May 5

Where: Zippo Encore near Metropolitan Stage

Zippo will also be unofficially celebrating 50 years since the rumored first lighter in the air moment at Woodstock 1969.

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