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Spring Invasion Tour: Motionless In White, Atreyu, Wilson 4/22/19

Spring Invasion Tour
April 22nd, 2019
Motionless In White, Atreyu, Wilson
Bourbon Theater
Lincoln, Nebraska

How can you not have an incredible concert experience when three of the most energetic bands currently touring join forces for one phenomenal tour?
Since their formation in 2010, Wilson have taken a grassroots approach to broadening their fan base and exposing the world to their style of rock music. The guys even took the time long after their set to meet every fan that wanted a picture or autograph.
Frontman Chad Nicefield was quoted as saying the band’s “DNA was that of a bunch of lovable, silly dudes, that love to make music” and that translates perfectly to their live performances. Having toured previously with the likes of Theory of a Deadman, and Crobot, Wilson are quickly becoming the “it” band to see live and in concert. Tonight’s show would be the band’s 3rd time playing Nebraska, and tonight’s show would be one of their largest Nebraska crowds, proof that Wilson’s energetic live and positive energy are contagious.
Wilson used their 45 minutes on stage to highlight cuts from their current release, Tasty Nasty, and set the tone for tonight’s theatrics. There’s a reason these guys have played massive festivals like Epicenter, Welcome to Rockville, and Rock on the Range. They’re a super fun band to see live, and your life will be better having been in the crowd.
Atreyu have been on my “must see” list for as long as I can remember. For numerous reasons, our paths only crossed one other time though before the band’s 2011 hiatus. Tonight though would be the perfect re-introduction to these vatos locos. For as much as these guys kick ass on their album releases, you have to witness them live to get the full scope of what they have to offer even a casual fan such as myself.
These veteran musicians smashed the Bourbon’s stage for over an hour with their heaviest fan favorite cuts. It was really something special to hear a thousand voices singing along in unison to every song, even if there might have been hesitation from a portion of the crowd during the band’s cover of Bon Jovi’s You Give Love a Bad Name. The shyness wore off by the first verse though and the mosh pits that formed during Ex’s and Oh’s were soon back in full swing.
As banging as Arteyu was before their hiatus, their energy has multiplied exponentially since their reformation. There’s something to be said when a heavy metal band like Atreyu legit looks like they’re having fun while on stage, and no doubt they’re having a blast on this tour.
While the end of Atryu’s set came, the night was far from over. The Spring Invasion tour had one final offering for Lincoln, Nebraska; Motionless In White. It had only been thirteen months since the band has graced the Bourbon’s stage, yet it felt like an eternity had passed.
Having checked the tour’s setlist statistics already, I knew we were going to be in for one helluva performance tonight. The band had been mixing up their setlists the entire tour and no two shows were exactly the same. Regardless of what was going to be played tonight, the Bourbon was packed and were still had more than enough energy in us to shake the rafters.
Wasting no time, the band opened with Death March, a track that would only see two performances on the Spring Invasion Tour, and cut into Unstoppable, the tracks only performance of the tour. So far we were off to a great start. Reincarnate followed, and by the time Break the Cycle was played, the mosh pits were swarming and kept growing during Necessary Evil.
While Chris Motionless stalked the stage like a caged tiger ready to pounce, guitarists Ryan Sitkowski and Ricky “Horror” Olson kept pace. Each kept to their respective sides, moving in and out of the shadows and light. Without a doubt, these guys meant business, and their business was giving the fans a bombastic live performance.
While the band’s live set would focus on their two most recent releases, they pulled some deep cuts out for their old school fans, Abigail being the first. After the band’s stylistic changes following their Infamous release, it’s great to hear the band still paying homage to some of the music that first introduced them to the world.
I wondered what it would be like without the band’s former long time bassist, Devan “Ghost” Sola. Tonight would be my first time seeing the band live since his departure. I assure you that the chemistry Justin Morrow has is every bit as exciting as Ghost’s was. Motionless even made a joke about “the dude who’s been following them around this tour. Still can’t figure out his deal or what his name is.”
Midway through the band’s set, right before the brutally catchy 570, vocalist Chris Motionless addressed the crowd to dispel a rumor. “I know what people’s perception of us is. A goth band on stage that should be all depressed and mopey. Let me tell you though, we’re not. If you’re having fun,” Motionless told the crowd as he pointed, “then we’re having fun. Let’s have a great fucking time tonight!”
And thus the crowd continued to have a good fucking time, bouncing and moshing through Everybody Sells Cocaine, singing along to the band’s latest  single, Disguise, and chanting along to Voices. My first time hearing Disguise, I was expecting it to be aggressive but this banger track was absolutely written to be played live.
Nearing the end of our sonic assault, screams hit a fever pitch for Loud, and there were audible gasps of excitement when the opening chords of Contemptress were played. Even without Maria Brink of In This Moment’s haunting vocals, the track is incredible to be heard live. There was one final short out to the old school fans before Devil’s Night. The chanting began as soon as the band exited the stage.
Returning for one last song, Motionless dedicated Eternally Yours to their fans. Tonight was a night that would not soon be forgotten. Hopefully the band will make it a yearly habit to pass through Nebraska. Whether it’s a headlining tour, or an opening slot, Motionless In White put on a phenomenal live show, and you’ll regret passing up the opportunity to be in the crowd when they play.

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