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Mt. Joy, Wilderado 03/16/2019

Mt. Joy, Wilderado
The Waiting Room Lounge
Omaha, Nebraska
March 16th, 2019

Neither Wilderado or Mount Joy are bands that I would normally go out of my way to see. Tonight’s show is proof that I need to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to concerts. Thankfully I did though.
Wilderado’s grassroots take on expanding their fanbase has reaped incredible results since the band’s inception just 4 short years ago. Tonight would also be the 3rd time the band would be playing in Omaha since their 2017 Nebraska debut while on tour with Judah & the Lion. I spoke with numerous fans who’d made the road trip from Minneapolis for the chance to see the band multiple times on this tour.
I knew absolutely nothing about either band before walking into The Waiting Room tonight other than googling what a Wilderado is. There’s a tiny town in northern Texas called Wilderado. Is that where the guys are from? I honestly didn’t know what to expect or if I would even have a good time. I’ve seen over twelve hundred live band performances in the past twenty years, mostly heavy metal and rock, and it takes a lot for me to expand to other genres.
Wilderado’s 9 song set was spectacular, and the perfect reprise from the normal headbanging and thrashing sets that I’m used to. The quartet work in perfect harmony, and their energy on stage is contagious. Even though I knew none of the songs played, the choruses are catchy and I was able to keep up with the crowd singing along around me. I’m honestly glad I came to this show with no prior knowledge. It’s a beautiful thing to experience brand new music, and I highly recommend you give Wilderado a listen.
Mount Joy are pretty cool live. There’s no doubt that these men and woman are talented musicians. Given the crowd’s reaction, their Omaha debut will not be the last time they play our city.
Without a doubt, there was an exceptionally positive energy flowing throughout the room during Wilderado, and Mt. Joy’s performances. As someone who’s generally only seen at heavy metal shows, I have to admit that tonight’ show surpassed every expectation I had for the indie and folk rock sub-genres. It really opened my mind to new styles of music. It also helped that Omaha as a whole loves a folk-rock show, and these bands played to a packed house of fans singing along to every song.

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