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Lacey Sturm Announces New Music Is Coming

In case you missed the 2 big music announcements from Lacey…

Here You Go!
Lacey recently started writing new songs for her follow up album to Life Screams.  Last month, she wrote 6 new songs with Korey Cooper from Skillet and they sound amazing! Korey helped to write several songs on Life Screams, including “Impossible.” We think you guys are really going to like the new material.
We also announced that Lacey will be filling in on vocals for Jen Ledger of Skillet for their upcoming tour with Breaking Benjamin. This is going to be EPIC, we hope to see you there!”
Dates with SKILLET //

•3/15     Saginaw, MI

•3/21     Milwaukee, WI

•3/23     La Crosse, WI

•3/29     Mankato, MN

•3/31     Bismarck, ND

Lots happening here, so more Updates Coming Soon!


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