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I Want To Believe This Latest TOOL Release Rumor

This was just posted on Reddit by user NoQuestionsThankYou, who just created the account today. We’ll see how accurate this latest rumor is.

The official announcement and music video for Escalante should be on the interwebs by Monday!


Released by: Tool Dissectional and Volcano Entertainment 4/5/19


  1. Taos 6:23

  2. Mao De Vaca 9:07

  3. Descending 4:27

  4. Escalante 7:22

  5. From Now 1:18

  6. Far Piece 11:43

  7. Almost On 8:31

  8. Ellipse (Here Here) 12:15

  9. Valediction 9:53

    Here’s bit of further breakdown on some of the titles.

    Valediction; the action of saying farewell. “he spread his palm in valediction”
    Taos /taʊs/ is a town in Taos County in the north-central region of New Mexico in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, incorporated in 1934. A skier died there yesterday in an avalanche.
    Escalante is a Spanish last name with meaning climber, or one who climbs.
    Mao De Vaca; Portuguese for one who avoids spending money.

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