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3TEETH’s Monthly Mindfuck Vol. 2

Bend over and cough
Don’t be alarmed by the finger inside your head, it’s just there to make sure your mind is still functioning. As for the finger in your ass, well that one’s  just there to distract you from the other one while we put you into a tail spin of confused pleasure.

Album III Update
Many animals and humans alike have actually been harmed in the process of making this album and we promise that it will all be worth it. If there is one thing that Jesus has taught us all, It’s that “you gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette” – Jesus Hernandez (Server at Denny’s). So please continue to be patient and allow the ritual abuse to continue as your hash browns will be out shortly.
 Limited Edition OMF Lapel  Pin Pre-Order
This 1″ hard enamel lapel pin is the perfect way to fly your mindfuck flag with grace. It doesn’t matter if you dress like a rivet head or a satan’s chief of staff. This subtle pin is the perfect compliment to leather jackets and blazers a like. It will however expose the fact that you moonlight as a brain fucker so be prepared for it to delve into some interesting conversations.  Also there will be only 200 units of this 1st edition, so you’ll be able commemorate your OG OMF status  Pre-Order Here
Watch what you eat ?

It’s important to break out of our media diet ruts. Ingest information from all sides of the argument and attempt to form your own thoughts. I’d like to remind you that It’s perfectly okay to have conflicting ideas inside your head and to be able to discuss them with uncertainty.  I’d go as far to say that if you’re not feeling conflicted about your ideas,  then you’re not thinking hard enough about them plus the world probably has enough assholes spewing absolutist shit all over the place.

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