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Shiny Penny 07/06/2018

Shiny Penny
July 6th, 2018
Courthouse Square
Kokomo, Indiana

Shiny Penny made a triumphant return to their hometown as part of the First Friday Kokomo series at the Courthouse Square in downtown Kokomo last week. Despite sweltering heat, fans crowded into a narrow alley just off the square for Shiny Penny’s kick-ass show. The concert, which was a benefit for the Kokomo Rescue Mission, was loud, energetic, and non-stop fun. Despite being on a tiny stage, the band put forth tremendous energy – and somehow managed to not hit each other – throughout their night.
Although the entire set was outstanding, highlights included the dub-step version of “Mr. Welker,” a killer new song called “Promised Land,” and the vocal harmonies of Ashton Schimmelpfenig during “Laser Freedom.” And the intense drum duet of Dean Schimmelpfening and Stix Ayers during “Insanity” blew me away – as always. At the risk of sounding like a super fan, I just can’t get enough of Shiny Penny!
Laura Fox

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