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The Burning World just got softer! A Note From Author Isaac Marion

THE BURNING WORLD got buried in the Great Political Mudslide of 2017, but its second chance is here.

Today it’s back in stores, soft, supple, and portable, in PAPERBACK.

If you want it, go to my site to get it $4 cheaper than anywhere else.

If you already have it…would you tell some people? I’m going to be pushing hard all week to EXHUME THIS BOOK. This may be its last chance to get noticed before it disappears forever, and my future in publishing may depend on what happens here…

So, if you have it in you to help spread the word, please post something this week about your love for this story! Use #theburningworld hashtag and link to isaacmarion.com


Isaac Marion · PO Box 31548 · Seattle, WA 98103 · USA

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