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A virtuous combo of Dragon’s Eyesight, enchantments and spells from developers of Draconius GO: Catch a Dragon!

There is an opportunity to get quickly a lot of the best spheres and potions of healing, using a combination of Dragon’s Eyesight, enchanted Pillars of Abundance and magic. Enchant the Pillars for spheres and potions of healing in the places where you often stay for a long time. Then use the Dragon’s Eyesight to find the chests around you. It is likely that you will receive the best spheres and/or the best potions buff from the Pillars. If this happens, activate immediately the “Gift of the Golden Dragon” spell. It will double the number of rewards from the surrounding Pillars. If there is not enough Pillars of Abundance around you, then you can cast the additional “Field of Abundance” spell by creating additional Pillars. In this way, within 30 minutes of buff and spell effects, you can get several hundred of the best spheres and potions.
When the egg storage is full, the cool down for 6 hours before the next egg drop from the Pillar of Abundance activates, even if during this time some of the eggs are hatched. To avoid this limitation, you can enchant a Pillar of Abundance for the eggs. The limitation does not apply to the enchanted Pillar. In addition, an egg-enchanted Pillar of Abundance will more likely give you better eggs (with higher mileage or timing) than regular Pillars up to the 20th level.
If you need a lot of essence and you met a creature that brings 300, 500 or 1000 essences, then it will be most effective to feed it with a magic doughnut before capturing. Creatures that bring many essences are most often found in the Rifts of Arcana. To quickly get some magic doughnuts, we advise you to enchant several Pillars for treats. You can also strengthen for a while the effect of the treat drop by casting the “Gift of the Golden Dragon” spell. Armed with doughnuts, visit the nearest Portal leading to the Rift of Arcana, or create it yourself with a spell. Then, while inside the Rift, use the Dragon’s Eyesight. At the same time, it is advisable to be in the center of the Rift, so that the effect covers it entirely. Catch creatures and do not forget to give some magic doughnuts to those who can bring a lot of essence, before capturing them.
Good hunting!
ps Totem of Second Vision has been upgraded. It takes larger number of weak creatures off the radar.

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