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Draconius Go Holiday Event Reveals New Creatures, Updates 1.3.1!

Christmas holidays are coming, and version 1.3 is coming along with them. Some of the changes are already available today!
Here are some of them:
- Chests in the Rift of Arcana no longer appear beyond its borders;
- The mechanism of choosing an enemy in the Duel has been improved;
- Combat parameters of Charybdis have been increased (the change will apply when you power up the creature);
- If an Arena has a Blessing of Defense effect, the Armageddon spell will only remove this effect;
- The Arena Defense spell lasts for 72 hours;
- The bug in re-using the Arena Defense spell has been fixed;
- Spell casting is available from level 5;
- Participation in the Duel of Wizards is available from level 5;
- Experience and essence for victory in the Duel of Wizards are increased by 50%;
- The defining of the element for pheromones when the day changes has been fixed;
- The use of a Pillar of Abundance in the Rift no longer interferes with the quest of a chain of Pillars;
- The mechanism of Champions’ attacks on Arenas has been improved;
- Inaccuracies in the calculation of experience and fame in the battles in Arenas have been fixed.


How does The Champion work?

The purpose of the Champions is to serve their Order. From now on, they will, when capturing an Arena, sometimes raise its level, making their Order more powerful and freeing space for allies.
Full changelog 1.3.1:
- improved game performance;
- a Champion sometimes raises the captured Arena to level 3;
- caramel and marshmallows are no longer among the rewards for quests;
- your creatures are marked on a bar of creatures on the screen of an Arena;
- a warning about scheduled maintenance works has been added;
- fixed some errors displaying terrain on the map;
- improved texts for some messages.SnowyMeet Snowcrag, he’s a pretty cool one!news-image-meet-snowcragToday, version 1.3 will be available for download, and already tomorrow Snowcrag and his friends will go out for a walk.
Meet it:
– 26 new creatures with Christmas mood will appear in the streets!
– the shop will offer you 10 new artifacts and a set-bonus for an additional Hunt;
– the healing and resurrecting potions will be available in the shop;
– there will be a new reward for the quests that reduces the cooltime timer for the Duel of Wizards;
– in case of victory in a Duel of Wizards, you will, with some probability, receive the soulstone of the defeated creature;
– you can get a new bonus for the pheromones from the chests;
– now you can change artifacts for some essence;
– the control of the creatures in battle has been improved;
– some errors with the results of the Duels have been fixed;
– the errors, that made the opponent with 0 HP invincible in the battle have been fixed;
– the opponent can’t dodge anymore, when he is using a charged attack;
– the position of the player in the hunt map and the progress of the eggs will now update without reopening the window;
– some errors with counting distance have been fixed;
– the movements of the character in the map with an unstable GPS signal have been improved;
– the exit of the battery saving mode has been accelerated for many devices;
– the download process of the new graphics in the background has been improved;
– the effect of the pheromones, when you change the worlds, and also when the app isn’t active, has been fixed;
– the performance of the interface of arenas, creature catching, altars, eggs hatching, journal etc. has been improved;
– some errors with the display of the locality in the map have been fixed;
– sorting by the bestiary number has been improved;
– a mechanism for notifications of the promotions in the game has been added;
– the texts of some messages have been improved.
But we aren’t going to stop with what we’ve reached and we continue to work on improving the game, and, surely, all your messages and tickets are helping us with that very much.

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