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Amy Lee – Speak To Me

Amy Lee
Speak To Me
Voice From the Stone Original Soundtrack
March 16, 2016

Haunting. As if we should expect anything else from Evanescence’s founder. If we have to wait for new material from Evanescence, Lee’s solo music will tide us by until then. While I did enjoy both the Aftermath soundtrack from 2014, recorded with Dave Eggar, and the 2016 Recover Vol 1 EP of cover songs, it’s Lee’s original music that still pulls at my heart strings.
The ethereal track, recorded in spring of 2016 at the exclusive Skywalker Ranch, owned by film legend George Lucas, will run during the closing credits of the supernatural thriller Voice To Stone, set for release spring of 2017. Speak To Me features Lee’s signature soaring vocals over layers of thundering drum hits woven into cello, violin and piano chords.
What the track is missing though is the familiar heavy rock guitar sound Lee has incorporated into nearly every track associated with Evanescence since their first self-released self-titled demo EP back in 1998. Even without the guitar riffs though, Speak To Me has a larger than life, epic sound. Lee has not lost her touch.
“There are many reasons why I felt inspired to work on this project,” Lee said in a statement. “Voice From the Stone tells the haunting story of Verena, a nurse who is asked to aid a young boy who has fallen silent after the sudden passing of his mother; Verena is brought in to help him speak again.”
Lee elaborated that, as a new mother, the film “resonated very deeply with me”.
Lee is currently working on Evanescence’s 4th full length album, speculating a fall of 2017 release date. No word on exactly who’s in the studio with Lee though.

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