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Dope, Combichrist, September Mourning, Davey Suicide 3-6-2017

Blood Lust Death Tour 2017
Dope, Combichrist, September Mourning, Davey Suicide
March 6th, 2017
Sokol Underground
Omaha, Nebraska

It was going to be a night of industrial metal, and Omaha was more than ready. It didn’t matter that it was a school night, or that most of us had to work early the next morning, we needed our music fix.
Davey Suicide opened tonight show. Very few people in Sokol Underground were familiar with Davey Suicide’s music, but that didn’t stop him and his band from thrashing the crowd with brutal industrial beats. I highly doubt this first time in Omaha for the band will be their last.
Making their return to Omaha, September Mourning are making their Sokol shows a habit. Omaha has embraced Emily Lazar’s September Mourning and her Reapers. Tonight would mark the 3rd time the band has reaped Omaha souls in the past year, and we willingly gave ourselves over. September Mourning stage show, with the stark contrast between Lazar’s white banded outfit, and the Reaper’s jet black cloaks and suites, enhances the overall experience of the show. The band’s music is dark and foreboding, while Lazar’s vocals are soothing and over a sense of comfort in September Mourning’s world of darkness.
Even with Dope headlining this tour, there were just as many fans excited to see Combichrist. Having never played Omaha before, I was curious to see what the crowd’s reaction would be to Combichrist. As the orchestral version of What the Fuck Is Wrong With You People played, the band walked on stage. Drummer Joe Letz, face painted black, sporting a pink wig, bra, and tutu, carried a bass drum on stage and promptly handed it to the crowd. Letz’s beating of the drum served as the intro for the band version of What the Fuck Is Wrong With You People. This was all it took for the crowd to ignite.
For the next hour, Combichrist pushed the crowd to their breaking point. Vocalist and founder Andy Laplegua paced the length of the stage like a caged tiger ready to pounce. Letz, the band’s main drummer since 2006, is one of my favorite drummers to watch live. His exaggerated performance behind his drum kit is pivotal to the energy level of the band. Newcomer Nick Rossi, who’d formerly toured with Combichrist as New Years Day’s drummer, matched Letz beat per beat.  Guitarist Eric 13, who’s been with the band since 2014, thrashed as heavily as recent member addition Brent Ashley.
Touring in support of their 2016 release, This Is Where Death Begins, the band’s 13 song set was comprised of the band’s heaviest material, which also happens to be their fans’ favorites. The band’s new music meshed perfectly with their older cuts, and Laplegua has never sounded better.
Hearing so many fans screaming along with LaPlegua during every song the band played was proof that Omaha loves Combichrist, and hopefully this won’t be the last time the band visit.
Touring in support of their latest release, Blood Money Pt. 1, Dope headlined tonight’s show. Dope’s 19 song set was full of the band’s most popular music, with the focus being on their heaviest tracks. Dope, having played Omaha 5 months earlier, returned with new music and a more elaborate set. If the band’s Reunion Tour re-introduced us to Dope, the Blood Lust Death Tour reminded us why we love the band so much.
Older tracks like Sick, and Take Your Best shot were played with a heavier twist, and given an updated sound. The band’s new material, while still becoming familiarized with the fans, was just as well received as the handful of cover songs that fit into the band’s set. The look on vocalist and founder Edsel Dope’s face was priceless as the back hammered through Blood Money and 1999 while the crowd sang just as loud as he did. For many of us, the highlight of Dope’s set was the inclusion of LaPlegua on vocals for the Ministry cover of Thieves.
This tour united two of the most influential industrial metal bands currently making music, and gave us all a chance to forget the bullshit of the outside world for a few hours. For that we will forever be grateful.

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