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Audiotopsy 09-29-2016

September 29th, 2016
Shamrock’s Pub & Grill
Omaha, Nebraska

For those of you who aren’t away, let’s give you some background on the band. Audiotopsy are an American alternative metal supergroup, consisting of Skrape lead vocalist Billy Keeton, former Mudvayne/Hellyeah guitarist Greg Tribbett, former Mudvayne bass player Perry Stern, and former Mudvayne drummer Matthew McDonough.
Supergroup is a relative term though. I had the opportunity to speak with Tribbett and Keeton at Northern Invasion 2016, and asked them about that moniker.
“I don’t like it,” Tribbett admitted. “We’re just four guys making and playing music that we love.” To push that point, Audiotopsy doesn’t rely on playing material from their previous band’s while on tour. Their sets are 100% comprised of their material. I’m sure fans of the band would love to hear classic Skrape and Mudvayne tracks, but that’s not what Audiotopsy is about.
What truly impressed me about tonight’s show was the band’s ability to maintain the crowd’s attention throughout their set. While most of the crowd was made up of people who were fans of the member’s previous bands, and some of the people attending were regular patrons of the venue’s, the band’s performance drew each of them in.
It didn’t matter that it was a Thursday night. It didn’t matter that the show was competing with Trivium’s show across town, and that Shamrock’s wasn’t a sold out crowd. It certainly didn’t matter that there were only 3 remaining shows on this tour and the guys were ready to be home. Audiotopsy hammered through an hour long set, playing each track off of their debut album.
It was great seeing these four men on stage, for a third time, and watching a performance that would have been just as driven if they had played in front of ten thousand screaming fans.
While drummer Matthew McDonough thrashed behind his drum kit like a caged animal, bassist Perry Stern stalked back and forth across the stage.

Audiotopsy’s setlist:

The Calling
Burn the Sky
All We Know
Frozen Scars
Disguise Your Devils
Darken the Rainbow

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