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Devour the Day 05-17-2016

Devour the Day
May 17th, 2016
Shamrock’s Pub and Grill
Omaha, Nebraska

Having seen Devour the Day this past weekend at Northern Invasion, I knew the band put on a blistering show. What I was not prepared for though was just how much more amped up these guys were when playing a headlining set, and Shamrock’s was the perfect venue for tonight’s show. Omaha was ready for a rock show, and Devour the Day weren’t about to disappoint us.
When bassist Joey Walser wasn’t providing backing vocals, he was thrashing around his side of the stage. The band’s 13 song set featured highlights from their latest release, S.O.A.R., and fan favorites for their sophomore release Time & Pressure.
Drummer Ronnie Farris smashed around his drum kit like a caged rabid beast. Lead guitarist David Hoffman flirted with the crowd while shredding on his side of the stage. For the entire duration of their set, vocalist Blake Allison was on point. Devour the Day had the crowd bouncing. Allison and Walser took turns telling us the meanings behind several songs.
What was truly exceptional about tonight’s performance though was the band’s energy. They put everything into their set. Seeing them perform in front of 50 people, their excitement didn’t change from when I saw them perform in front of a few thousand people at Northern Invasion. This is the true sign of a group of musicians who really love their art and sharing it with people. It doesn’t matter how many fans were present, Devour the Day gave us a blistering set.


Step Aside
You and Not Me
Handshakes to Fist Fights
The Bottom
Lightning in the Sky
Something Real
Good Man
Save Yourself

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