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Otep Shamaya 12/2002

A Continued Interview With OTEP from December of 2002:
(Meaningless Entertainment)
What was it like performing a show so close to the Sept. 11th 2002 tragedy?
it was very difficult to do that show so close to the tragedy of 911 … but something inside us needed to do it … to release all that energy and emotion … and face the pain head on …
(M. E.)
Whom do you think has influenced the most you musically?
eye like radiohead .. a lot … i think thom yorke is an amazing writer/preformer … genius dare eye say … and classical musesick … eye love classical … mozart is my favorite … eye also listen to nirvana, slipknot, jeru the damaja, the roots, gangstaar, mobb deep, hindu transcendental meditation musesick, and fiona apple … =) to name a few …
What happened to the initial line up, post Jihad? Were they just not working out?
(eVIL j)
Both guitar players from the ep were fired. They were not fitting in with the band, we need to make a change. Rob joined the band after Ozzfest last year
Did you get a chance to hang out with KITTIE in Europe this year for OZZEST 2k2?
yes, we got to hang out with kittie in europe for a few gigs … was really cool … they are very nice people …
Where exactly did OTEP play mainstage this year for OZZfest? How did you like that experiance?
We played main stage in Detroit, MI. I don’t like playing main stage, I didn’t look at it as a good thing. The second stage was my home this
summer. I felt the best playing on second stage. The people at the main stage are boring. We also played main stage in San Deigo, that was
better, at least there was a pit.
I can only imagine what its like to have your music heard by so many.
… i am very thankful my art has been recvd so well by the world … it is a dream come true …
I see you thank a Corey in the liner notes of SEVAS TRA. would that be Corey Taylor from Slipknot?
yes, it is Corey [8] that i thank in my liner notes … slipknot is one of my favorite bands … and i think corey is an amazing vocalist …
Thank you for taking this time out of your schedule.
you’re very welcome
thank u for taking time to contact us .. we so appreciate hearing from the people that our musesick reaches …
(eViL j)
You are very welcome, thank you for you support, it keeps me strong.

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