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KMFDM, Tohuvabohu

Reviewed by Tim Lawler

It is now 2007, 23 years since the inception of KMFDM, and
they show no signs of stopping! On
August 21st, KMFDM releases their latest opus “Tohuvabohu”.
“Tohuvabohu”, an Old Testament word meaning “wild and chaotic” is a blistering
example of why KMFDM have stayed strong and true to form throughout the years.

The opening
track, “Superpower” is a prime example of why, after 23 years, KMFDM have such
a strong and loyal fan base. Earlier
this year, KMFDM set up a phone line and invited their fans to call and leave a
message, telling them – “What does KMFDM do for you?” After sifting though these numerous messages,
KMFDM inserted their favorites into the track, making a handful of their fans
part of KMFDM history!

As the
album progresses, we are treated to such standout tracks as “Looking For
Strange”, “Headcase”, “Spit or Swallow” and the title track “Tohuvabohu”. Each of these tracks exemplifies the guitar
heavy and drum beat driven sound that KMFDM fans have come to know as “The
Ultra Heavy Beat”.

including at least one track on the album in German seems to now be a standard
practice. “Saft Und Kraft” is that
track. Since I don’t know German, I
can’t tell you what they are saying. 
What I can tell you, is that musically this track is somewhat reminiscent
of an earlier track “A Drug against War”, from their 1993 album “Angst” which
is something that may help in making “Saft Und Kraft” a fan favorite.

But what
would an album be without a cover song. In true industrial fashion, KMFDM has
put their own spin on “Los Ninos Del Parque”. 
“Los Ninos Del Parque” was originally done circa 1982, by the German
group “Liasons Dangereuses”, who pioneered what, came to be known as electronic
body music.

“Tohuvabohu” is an album that never really lets up and is sure to impress even
the most die hard KMFDM fan. I know it sure as hell impressed me, but then
again my opinion is somewhat biased, I have KMFDM on the brain!

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