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Battle For Zendikar Set to Break Records For MTG Preorders

With the release of MtG’s Battle For Zendikar growing closer by the day, players are finding that Local Game Shops are selling out of their preorders for the highly anticipated set. The reason? Full art, foil dual and fetch lands. These card, part of the Zendikar Expeditions set, are THE cards to have. The chances of pulling one of these highly sought after cards is roughly 1 in every 265 packs. This is the reason for the preorders are selling out at your LGS. Players are ordering multiple boxes, even cases, for the chance to open one of these beauties. WotC are reprinting the shock lands from Ravnica, and the fetch lands from Zendikar. While these cards are only legal to play in which ever format they’re currently legal, ie. Hallowed Fountain would be playable in all formats except Standard, they are legal in the sealed formats that include the Battle For Zendikar block.
The new dual lands are something that WotC hasn’t tried before. Instead of the shock lands, the new BFZ duals come into play tapped unless you control 2 or more lands as it enters the battle field.
Expect your LGS to sell out of their stock, even with most shops ordering their maximum amount of product. My own LGC, Legend Comics and Coffee in Omaha, Nebraska, sold out of their preorders of boxes and Fat Packs in the first week after Wizard’s announcement of the premium full art foil lands.
Prices for these cards currently range from $75 to $180. These will be the cards to own for the BFZ set.
Good Luck and Happy Pack Cracking!

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