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Eve To Adam, In This Moment, Halestorm: Dec 3rd, 2012;

Eve To Adam, In This Moment, Halestorm

The Vault, Sioux Falls, SD

December 3, 2012

By: Stephenie Thue


When Sioux Falls’ radio station The Krro announced that the Halestorm/In This Moment show was sold out a month and a half before the date, I knew it was going to be a magnificent night. I was just glad that I had boughten my tickets a few days after they went on sale.


I arrived at The Vault two hours before the doors opened, and I was very excited because this was my third time seeing Eve To Adam, my second time seeing In This Moment, and my third time seeing Halestorm. However, this was the first tour I have seen Halestorm headline, so I was interested to see what they were going to do differently. The line up for the night started with Eve To Adam, In This Moment, and ending with Halestorm.


The doors opened at seven, letting in the hundreds of freezing fans, all running to the stage eager for the concert to start. Eve To Adams equiptment was already set up, ready to play at eight. The last time I saw Eve To Adam was in Aberdeen, SD, with Trapt and Holleywood Undead, and I found out it was Eric’s, their guitar player, last night with the band. I had no idea who had taken Eric’s place, so I was curious to see how they sounded. After a while, the doors closed and the lights turned down low as the crowd began to push and shove their way forward. Eve To Adam took the stage, ready to tear the roof off the building.


I am a big fan of Eve To Adam, so when I heard the first cord to their opening song “2 Pills”, I started jumping and singing. They sounded amazing together, and after the first song was over, the crowd was already having a good time. After a few more songs, they played a new one called “Bender”, and the energy level rose. I was blown away at how different the sound was. It was heavier, faster, and the vocals had more screaming than singing. They played three new ones total. Eve To Adam nailed their new sound, and gained a lot of new fans. I was super excited for the entire line up, and Eve To Adam definatly got the crowd ready for what was coming up next.



Taki Sassaris – Vocals

Alex Sassaris – Drums

Gaurav Bali – Guitar

Adam Latiff – Guitar (Backing Vocals)

Aaron Baylor – Bass (Backing Vocals)

Set List:

2 Pills

No Regret

Run Your Mouth



Rebel Yell

Straight-Jacket SuperModel


The most anticipated part of the entire three months I had been waiting for had finally arrived – In This Moment was getting ready to take the stage. They had many props and decorations, which crammed the small stage, but did add an eerie feeling to the venue. The crew members went off to the side as the lights turned down low and everyone started pushing forward. Then, coming from the shadows dressed in a robe and white mask, Maria Brink is escorted to her amazing skull and doll head mic stand. She started saying the introduction “It Is Written”, and slowly the rest of the band took their spots in their scary make-up. As soon as Maria finished her last words, the guitar cord for “Adrenalize” started humming in the speakers, and I instantly screamed and jumped around.

Maria got off stage after the second song, and came back with a dunce hat on. As soon as she turned around in her stool, the crowd noticed it said “WHORE”, and The Vault erupted, knowing exactly what song was going to be played.

After a few more heart-felt songs, and me singing my throat out, Maria did this very sensual dance she called “The Shadow Dance”. She had a white sheet draped in front of her, and a light behind her, and all you could see was the silhouette of her very curvy body.

They finished with their album titled song “Blood”, and everyone in the crowd was singing along. If it was a sit-down kind of show, they would have had a standing ovation. The bass and guitar player that were standing in front of me noticed that I knew every single song, and handed me a guitar pick and set list.

In This Moment absolutely stole the show, and it gave Halestorm a lot to follow up to.



Maria Brink – Vocals

Chris Howorth – Lead Guitar

Travis Johnson – Bass

Randy Weitzel – Guitar

Tom Hane – Drums


Set List:





Beast Within



Blood Legion



After In This Moment’s props were taken down, Halestorm’s piano was wheeled onto the stage, and all I could think about was the last time I saw them with Evanescence, and Amy Lee came on stage to do a duet with Lzzy. I was also excited because it was the first time I have seen them headline a show, and with In This Moment of all bands.

When the stage was set and ready to go, Arejay came stomping on stage in his usual happy-go-lucky attitude and took his spot behind his kit. The rest of the band followed on with Lzzy in a black dress and heels. The crowd pushed forward and began cheering and screaming.

Halestorm started their set with “Mz. Hyde” and everyone was dancing and singing along. After a few more songs from their new album “The Strange Case of…”, they played “Dirty Work” and the boys in the venue were ready to do anything she said to do!

After a few more songs, Lzzy slowed things down and played “Break In”. I shouted “Where’s Amy?” Lzzy said “I don’t know, where is she?!” (That was the song that Amy Lee performed with Lzzy in Sioux City during Carnival of Madness.) She also thanked the crowd for everything and shared memories about the last time they were in Sioux Falls with Papa Roach and talked about how we were all crazy for standing out in the rain. I was super impressed that she remembered that, since it was 2 years ago when that show happened.

After a very emotional “Poison”, Arejay did his insane drum solo. He is one of those musicians that you can tell loves what he does and loves entertaining fans. He jumps all over his kit and probably has a ton of dents too. He then used these huge drumsticks and really got the crowd pumped.

Lzzy got back on stage and started the song “Call Me a Bitch Like It’s a Bad Thing”, and The Vault exploded in excitement as everyone started singing along. When they finished playing “It’s Not You”, I heard the intro to “I Get Off” and I got goosebumps because that is my favorite song.

Halestorm finished their set with “I Miss The Misery”, and the crowd sang along to every word. After the song ended, Arejay jumped in the crowd and surfed all the way to the back.



Lzzy Hale – Vocals, Guitar

Arejay Hale – Drums

Josh Storm – Bass, Vocals

Joe Storm – Guitar, Vocals


Set List:

Mz. Hyde

Love Bites


Dirty Work



Rock Show

Break In




It’s Not You

I Get Off

Here’s To Us

Mister Misery


After the show, In This Moment had a meet and greet. I, of course, stood in line. I was not going to miss my opportunity to ask Maria Brink to sing my wrist for a tattoo. It was finally my turn to get my photo signed, and the guitarist that stood in front of me during the show remembered me, and told Maria “She was singing along to every song!” They ended up signing my set list for me too.

Overall, the whole night was absolutely amazing, and I will never forget it. How can I? Maria’s signature is tattooed on my wrist forever!

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