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WTF?! Tour 08-16-2011 KMFDM, Army of the Universe

Tuesday, 16 August 2011
August 11th, 2011 The Slowdown Omaha, Nebraska KMFDM’s WTF?!
Army of the Universe Tour Setlist; Mother Ignorance Dust In The Universe Goodnite Resin Quantisize Lovedead Ravens Over My Rave Army Of Me Hollywood Drama
What the fuck?! KMFDM played the Slowdown in Omaha, touring in support fo their latest release; WTF?!, and you missed it? You’ll be kicking yourself for not attending this show. Every now and then going to a live concert will introduce you to a few new bands that you’d not normally have heard of or expressed interest in. So was the case this evening.
I’d never head of Human Factors Lab until tonight’s show but they’re going to be one of those bands that I’ll be looking forward to seeing again. I hate to compare them to another band but there is a similar sound to Devildriver. HFL is a bit more “industrial” than DD is, but they’re every bit as compelling with their aggressive sound. It also helps that their lead singer was born and raised here in Omaha and made sure the crowd knew that fact.
16 Volt. Dear, sweet, getting better with age 16 Volt. It’s been years since I’ve seen this band live. Literaly. The first I saw 16 Volt was back on KMFDM’s Sturm and Drang tour back in 2002, also in Omaha. I was impressed with them back then and they’ve only gotten better in the past decade. Eric Powell continues to impose a commanding presence on stage, working the crowd like a fine tuned machine.
Also touring in support of their full length debut release, Mother Ignorance, Army of the Universe joined KMFDM for their first US tour. As excited as I was to see KMFDM again, I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to see Army of the Universe live for several months. Releases like Mother Ignorance and KMFDM’s WTF?! are helping to redefine the industrial/metal music genre and hearing these tracks performed live brings the experience to a whole new level. To be honest, I had no idea what to expect from Army of the Universe’s liver performance. The album is full of trashing guitars and hammering beats, but there’s also an underlying electronic vibe that’s hard to produce in a live atmosphere. Albert and Davil painted a brilliant sonic landscape for the crowd.  Lord K, who first walked on stage waving the AOU flag, worked over the crowd with European grace. By the end of their all too short set, Lord K was shirtless and had their fans eating out of the palm of his hand. Being their first U.S. tour, not many crowd members knew their tracks well enough to sing along word for word, which is no surprise. Thankfully the band threw in their cover of Bjork’s Army Of Me, a fitting song title for the trio from Milan. As enthralled as the crowd was during their original tracks, it was this cover that pushed the fans over the edge. My only complaint for AOU’s set was the lack of a live drummer. Chris Vrenna, who rose in popularity during Nine Inch Nails’ early years and is currently working with Marilyn Manson, is scheduled to perform with the band on “select dates”, of which Omaha was not one.
Setlist; Mother Ignorance Dust In The Universe Goodnite Resin Quantisize Lovedead Ravens Over My Rave Army Of Me Hollywood Drama It’s been a few years since KMFDM brought their “The Ultra-Heavy Beat” to Omaha. KMFDM’s set started with a flash. Seriously. A few rabid females fans in the front row demanded of Jules and Andy “Show us your tits.” Andy flashed the crowd with a sly grin. When Lucia strutted on stage, she was greeted with the same demand. “Show me your’s,” Lucia retorted. She young ladies obliged but Lucia was not about to be bested. I don’t know who was more shocked when Lucia popped out her puppies, the crowd or Jules. Since 2005, a consistent line-up has emerged to support Sascha Konietzko and bring KMFDM to life outside the studio. Konietzko, along with American singer Lucia Cifarelli (formerly of DRILL), British guitarists Jules Hodgson and Steve White, and British drummer Andy Selway have created the strongest live incarnation of the band to date. Konietzko, “whose innovative and unorthodox approach toward production have garnered him with international acclaim as one of the foremost pioneers of industrial/ultra heavy beat” and Cifarelli’s timing was spot on, swapping vocal duties back and forth during the entire set. Cifarelli, “whose vocal and lyrical talents go from provocative to menacing in the beat of a rivet-head lovelorn heart”, has grown immensely since first joining the band as a full time member in 2002, after touring with Tim Skold and Konietzko’s MDFMK. There’s an unmistakable chemistry between Konietzko and Cifarelli, one whose strength has only grown since their marriage in 2005 and the birth of their daughter. I’ve been a fan of Lucia’s since the late nineties and watching her crouch on the front of the stage and purring the vocals of “Dystopia” to a few lucky crowd members was one of the most beautiful sites I’ve ever witnessed. KMFDM played the perfect mixture of tracks from their 25+ year recording history. Sascha and Lucia took turns providing vocals that Raymond Watts, En Esch and Tim Skold would have on their respective studio tracks. Lucia has proven herself over and over again as just as a powerful performer as Sascha is. William Wilson, of Seattle based industrial/goth rock band Legion Within, joined the band for “Spectre” and “Day of Light”. Wilson’s vocals are featured on both studio tracks and his vocal style fit perfectly with the evening’s tone. Wilson also joined the band for an encore of the fan favorite and timeless “Godlike”. Even after almost 3 decades of making music, Konietzko is still the driving force behind the industrial and ultra heavy beat music scenes. KMFDM are also offering a rare treat for their fans. Each of the shows on this tour will be offered as a digital download. Kinda like the bootlegs of the nineties but with better sound quality. Sascha is digitally mastering the soundboard recordings of each show and their downloads can be found here; http://www.kmfdm.net/live2011/

  1. Krank
  2. Amnesia
  3. Come On – Go Off
  4. Bait & Switch
  5. Tohuvabohu
  6. Dystopia
  7. Potz Blitz!
  8. Looking for Strange
  9. Spectre
  10. Take It Like a Man
  11. Megalomaniac
  12. Lynchmob
  13. Rebels in Kontrol
  14. A Drug Against War
  15. Attak/Reload
  16. Hau Ruck


  1. WWIII
  2. D.I.Y.

Encore 2:

  1. Day of Light
  2. Godlike

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