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Morgan Jones returns to AMC’s The Walking Dead

Weeks ago it was confirmed that Michael Cudlitz would be joining the cast of AMC’s The Walking Dead as Abraham Ford, another fan favorite of the comic book series that the hit TV show is based on. Today sources on set confirmed the return of Lennie James as Morgan Jones. Morgan’s return follows on the […]

Set update from The Walking Dead Season 3 *SPOILERS* Photos

Three episodes into The Walking Dead’s 3rd season and already fans are chomping at the bit for more blood, more gore and more Daryl Dixon! Filming for AMC’s smash hit is set to wrap in the next week, with the season finale currently being filmed.


Filming today […]

More photos released from the 3rd season of AMC’s The Walking Dead

First up? A shot of IronE Singleton’s T-Dog in episode 302 “Sick” airing October 21st. Notice the body armor?

Followed by photos from episode 304 “Killer Within” airing Nov. 4th featuring Steven Yeun’s Glen, Norman Reddus’ Daryl Dixon and Andy Lincoln’s Rick Grimes in the prison (notice the walker in the background) and Sarah […]