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September’s FNM Promo is Banishing Light!

Get a free premium promo of Banishing Light at your local FNM. Visit the store locator to find the Friday Night Magic nearest to you! Promo only available while supplies last.

Khans of Tarkir Top 10

Khans of Tarkir Pre-release, September 19th Official Release, September 26th

It’s Christmas in September for Magic: the Gathering players. This month’s release of Khans of Tarkir sets into motion the beginning of major changes for the game that redefined card games back in 1994. The Khans set will be the final 3 block set Wizards […]

Magic: the Gathering, Investing in Rotating Core Sets 101

Investing in Rotating Core Sets 101:

Well it’s time for another core set to rotate out. We are in a market that we have never really seen before as magic players where the next format of magic is actually very popular unlike extended. We also don’t need a format breaking card either for it to […]

Why you should be playing Fetch Lands over Evolving Wilds.

There I stood over the glass case looking at all the expensive, rare Magic cards with my friends flanked on both shoulders. I had only been playing for a short time and I was excited to be at my first game store to look for new cards. As I looked into the case, I noticed […]

Magic: The Gathering unveils cards from upcoming set Khans of Tarkir‏

Last night, Magic: The Gathering fans at PAX Prime were treated to a comprehensive glimpse into what to expect from the upcoming Khans of Tarkir block. Party-goers were treated to a close encounter with all five of the mighty warrior clans and saw exclusive previews including never-before-seen cards.

Since we know not everyone was lucky […]

Magic The Gathering M15 2015 Core Set

August 2015 Release

Power. If asked to describe Magic the Gathering’s 2015 Core Set, I’d say power. M15 marks the first time one of Wizards of the Coast’s Core MtG sets is canon with the stories taking place in the block sets released. The Planeswalker Garruk has been corrupted by The Chain Veil, and now […]

Khans of Tarkir Spoils 8/18/14

This week’s Wizards of the Coast spoilers for the upcoming Khans of Tarkir set further confirm that this block with revolve around tri-color “tribe” decks. WotC had teased us months ago that this block would include something that the players have been asking for years that would return to the game. While I’m not fond […]

August’s FNM Promo is Bile Blight!

Get a free premium promo of Bile Blight at your local FNM. Visit the store locator to find the Friday Night Magic nearest to you! Promo only available while supplies last.

Magic the Gathering From the Vault: Annihilation is Out!

Harness the savage power of fifteen of the most brutal Magic cards ever unleashed! These limited-edition, black-bordered super weapons are available in store today! Visit the store locator to find the store nearest you.

Harbinger #23

HARBINGER #23 (“DEATH OF RENEGADE” – PART 2) Written by JOSHUA DYSART Art by CLAYTON HENRY Cover by MICO SUAYAN (MAR141414) Variant Cover by ZACHARY MONTOYA (MAR141415) Variant Cover by KHARI EVANS Dead. Means. Dead. $3.99/T+/32 pgs. ON SALE 5/28/14

It’s all been leading up to this. Dysart has given us an incredible story […]

Golgari Hydra Rising; MTG Standard Legal Deck

Green/Black Aggro/Control

Land: Golgari Guildgate 1 Overgrown Tomb 4 Swamp 8 Forest 7

Creatures: Sylvan Caryatid 4 Elvish Mystic 4 Scourge of Skola Vale 2 Mistcutter Hydra 3 Kalonian Hydra 3 Corpsejack Menace 4 Vastwood Hydra 2

Spells: Gild 4 Hero’s Downfall 3 Golgari Charm 4 Abrupt Decay 4 Putrefy 3

This is my version […]

Zombie B.C. (2014)

2014 Stephen Vold and Steven Williams https://twitter.com/ZombieBC2013 https://www.facebook.com/ZombieBc

On last week’s episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”, “Us”, Eugene spoke with Tara about the possibility of a zombie apocalypse wiping out the dinosaurs. Made me wonder how early man would have dealt with the walking dead. “Zombie B.C.” peels back the layers of ancient history […]

Magic the Gathering; Born of the Gods’ Pre-release

February 1st, 2014 Legend Comics and Coffee Omaha, Ne

I’ve never felt as much of a part of a group than I do with the Friday Night Magic players at Legend Comics and Coffee in Omaha, Nebraska. I had always considered Magic Players to be the elite of the “Nerd Class,” but being a […]

Hydra Rising; Magic The Gathering Golgari Deck

Standard Tournament Legal 2014 Deck 60 card deck. 15 card sideboard

Creatures; Axebane Guardian x1 Gyre Sage x1 Sylvan Caryatid x3 Kalonian Hydra x4 Desecration Demon x4

Spells; Devour Flesh x3 Golgari Charm x2 Hero’s Downfall x3 Abrupt Decay x3 Putrefy x3 Savage Summoning x3 Grim Return x3 Treasured Find x4

Lands; Swamp x7 Forest […]

Jarad’s Golgari Graveyard Deck

I’ll be the first to admit that since I started played MTG, back in 1994, green has been my least favorite color to play. Back then, even playing a multi-colored deck, I never found the color interesting enough to maintain my attention. During my return to the game I’d always found those combos the most […]