Paper Shortages Worsen – PYRATE QUEEN #4 and MONSTER KILL SQUAD #4 Open For Orders. ODINN’S EYE #1-5 Capped At FINAL FIVE Pre-Order Levels.

Greetings, BAD IDEA retailers.

Thank you for your patience in the matter of the December shipping solicitations and the ordering of those comics. We’ve been working diligently during the delay to find a path forward and to be able to provide as much information as possible to you. As we’re seeing from all corners of our business, the labor and paper shortages are worsening and the impact is enlarging. With that said, there is good news in addition to the bad.

We have managed to secure paper. Currently we will be able to supply all orders placed to date on all November shipping titles. However, December shipping titles are proving much trickier. Based on order history, we feel confident we can supply all upcoming orders to be placed on PYRATE QUEEN #4 and MONSTER KILL SQUAD #4 provided ODINN’S EYE orders are capped at their current FINAL FIVE pre-order levels.

PYRATE QUEEN #4 and MONSTER KILL SQUAD #4 are now open for orders. The order deadline has been extended until Thursday, November 4th. ODINN’S EYE #1 – 5 orders are capped at their current FINAL FIVE pre-order levels and will not be opened for additional orders.

We currently feel confident in fulfilling all of the existing pre-orders but will not be soliciting and therefore opening ODINN’S EYE #1-5 for orders. We will be adding each issue to the “Sold Out” section of the B2B website for information purposes. Additionally, we will be sending a follow-up email to the address we have on file with the exact number of copies of ODINN’S EYE #1-5 you can expect. We understand that this may cause some difficulties and encourage you to reach out to us with any issues so that we may try and help on a case by case basis as possible.

Additionally, we do not anticipate having the inventory to replace damages on ODINN’S EYE #1-5 and will instead be refunding any product damaged to the extent it is not fit for sale. Instructions for obtaining credits will follow.

It is highly likely that the remaining books in our 2021 schedule will all be delayed to some extent. You have no doubt heard similar things from other publishers. We will be providing more details about the shipping schedules for the books outside of our December solicitations in the coming days and will continue to provide updates as we have them. These delays are largely due to the severe paper allocations pushing printing schedules back across the board.

We regret this unfortunate outcome but must also stress that despite these measures, there is no guarantee the situation won’t continue to worsen, which may result in the need for further allocations and/or delays. We continue to work tirelessly behind the scenes to pursue every possible option with our existing printing partners, our (many) new printing partners and our fulfillment partners to protect this new plan.

Again, PYRATE QUEEN #4 and MONSTER KILL SQUAD #4 are currently open for orders. The extended order deadline for both books is Thursday, November 4th.

We thank you for your understanding during this uncertain time.