It’s BAD IDEA DAY and boy do we have a surprise for you today!

Perhaps the most devious in BAD IDEA history…so let us apologize for that right now.

But until you all figure it out, lets focus on what you do know:

HERO TRADE: PASSIVE/AGGRESSIVE is on sale NOW in BAD IDEA Destination Stores around the world and to celebrate the beginning of the FINAL FIVE we’ve got another First Customer Pin!

Are you one of the amazing (but also crazy) fans camping out overnight to make sure you’re the first person to buy a copy of HERO TRADE: PASSIVE/AGGRESSIVE and get the First Copy Pin?

We salute you! 

Don’t forget to take a picture with the gold pin and your copy of HERO TRADE: PASSIVE/AGGRESSIVE at your store and post it. Tag @badideahello, so that our crack social media team can amplify it and spread the word.

If you don’t get a pin, we still love you. Post a picture of HERO TRADE: PASSIVE/AGGRESSIVE on the shelf of your local comic shop or in a selfie, and we’ll show you that sweet social media love.

Remember, the BAD IDEA way also means no variants, no trades, no digital, select stores, perennially available Not First Printings, and approximately two comics a month – just monthly comics, sold in comic book shops. Goodbye, troubles. Hello, BAD IDEA SIMPLICITY™.

A complete list of Bad Idea Destination Stores can be found right here and you can pre-order every Bad Idea title by simply clicking here and filling out the little form.

For more information, visit Bad Idea online at BadIdeaCorp.comFacebookTwitter, and Instagram, or just mash the screen with your palm and do all four simultaneously.