Bad Idea Gets Bigger, Badder with New “B-SIDE” Stories in Every Oversized, Ad-Free Issue

Bad Idea Gets Bigger, Badder with New “B-SIDE” Stories in Every Oversized, Ad-Free Issue

Mega-Sized ENIAC #1 Adds “SAVE NOW” from Kindt & Giorello; Plus New Debuts & First Appearances from Burrini, Catt, Flores, Janson, Lapham, Milligan, Paknadel, Rahal, Ryan, Venditti & More

So far, we at Bad Idea have been pretty good at keeping the comic book industry on pins and needles.

Variant covers? Don’t need ’em. Trade paperbacks and digital comics? Not for us. Tasteful subtlety? Nah.
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You see, at Bad Idea, what really zips our denim is monthly, single-issue comics. Comics so good, so audaciously entertaining, so mind-alteringly spectacular that it’ll feel like your brain is trapped inside a house on fire rolling down a mountain of dynamite.

Sounds like fun, right? You’ll find out what we mean soon when Bad Idea drops its first book into select “destination store” retailers on March 3, 2021 with ENIAC #1 by New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT), incendiary artist Doug Braithwaite (Justice), and colorist Diego Rodriguez (X-O Manowar).
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But even with achievable goals like “blow everyone’s mind,” we decided that there was work yet to be done — new ways to make Bad Idea’s books even more engrossing, more awesomely rewarding, and, hey, even physically heavier to carry.

Which brings us to the point of the press release. Each and every Bad Idea comic — beginning with March’s ENIAC #1 and continuing thereafter — will include a brand-new, never-before-seen, and entirely self-contained “B-SIDE” story. These aren’t “back-ups” or “bonus stories” in any traditional sense — they’re short-form, self-contained gut-punches designed to take full advantage of the comics medium. In fact, THE HERO TRADE — Bad Idea’s “secret” hit comic by Matt Kindt and David Lapham from earlier this year — actually began as a Bad Idea “B-SIDE”. And because we like them so much, they’re going to push each Bad Idea issue to maximum capacity — meaning that every issue we publish is going to have an oversized, ad-free page count that will always feature a new “B-SIDE” tale.
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Every month, that “B-SIDE” will feature a standalone, done-in-one dose of high potency comics storytelling unlike anything we’ve published before — new genres, new characters, new concepts. (Some of them could even be a complete out-of-left-field surprise that you won’t see coming. We reserve the right to mess with you.)

As a statement of purpose, we’re going to be kicking this ambitious little initiative off in the pages of Bad Idea’s momentously monumental first issue, ENIAC #1, with “SAVE NOW” – Bad Idea’s “B-SIDE” debut from writer Matt Kindt, artist Tomas Giorello, and colorist Diego Rodriguez. Which, all in all, will push ENIAC #1 to a shockingly robust 48 pages of prestige-format greatness, all for the original $3.99 cover price.
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(And because we’re good guys, we’re even going to reprint THE HERO TRADE later on in ENIAC #3, too, since it was the idea that kicked this whole thing off.)

Future “B-SIDES” will feature all-new contributions from creators like Karl Bollers (Emma Frost), Sarah Burrini (Snifter of Terror), Mae Catt (Young Justice), Khari Evans (Immortal Iron Fist), Melissa Flores (Power Rangers), Klaus Janson (The Dark Knight Returns), David Lapham (Stray Bullets), Peter Milligan (X-Statix), Alex Paknadel (Giga), Eliot Rahal (Knock ‘Em Dead), Sean Ryan (New Suicide Squad), Robert Venditti (Justice League), and many, many more.
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Wanna make sure you never miss an issue? You simply have to visit a Bad Idea “destination store” — one of the 154 comic shops around the world that have signed on to join our independent network of direct-distribution retail partners — to pick them up on a Wednesday. (Or pre-order in advance to make sure you secure your copy.)
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For more information, visit Bad Idea online at BadIdeaCorp.comFacebookTwitter, and Instagram, or just mash the screen with your palm and do all four simultaneously.

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