Asking Alexandria; Like a House on Fire

Asking Alexandria
Sumerian Records
May 15th, 2020
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Fanning the flame like never before, the British quintet burn even brighter on LIKE A HOUSE ON FIRE. With the success of their self-titled release, the band once again enlisted producer Matt Good. LIKE A HOUSE ON FIRE was recorded throughout the band’s high profile 2019 arena tour supporting Shinedown and a direct support slot on the road with Papa Roach. The intermittent sessions, no defined deadline, and freedom to work outside of the confines of the studio allowed them to tap into the intensity and energy of touring. The result? A 15 track magnum opus of massive, arena filling rock songs.
Much like the album’s title, each track has a sense of urgency woven throughout. The maturity level of the album is also heightened. The musical intensity that we’ve all come to love is still there, but there’s also a deeper level of visceral expression unlike anything the band has previously released. With the lyrical content, Danny and Ben are truly exposing themselves as vulnerable to the world around them.
What’s missing is that unbridled chaos that was the common theme in the band’s first three releases. Since 2008, Asking Alexandria have forged their own path. The band has mastered the art of distilling danger and excess into an amalgamation of stadium rock ambition, heavy metal energy, and ecstasy inducing electronics.
Vocalist Danny Worsnop’s return for the band’s 2017 self-titled release, their 5th album, found a more mature Asking Alexandria, while the band’s 6th album gives us a release that is even more focused.
There was a definite change in the band’s musical direction with Worsnop’s return, and the band builds on their altered style for LIKE A HOUSE ON FIRE. This could have something to do with the band’s sobriety. Founder and guitarist Benjamin Bruce recently revealed that LIKE A HOUSE ON FIRE was the first time he’s written music sober, and was concerned about how his sobriety would affect his writing. The effect is amazing though. More focused. The composition of each track is more complicated and layered.  Acoustic guitars syncing perfectly with Worsnop’s guttural growls and drummer James Cassel’s hammering beats. Rhythm guitarist Cameron Liddell, and bassist Sam Bettley work in tandem with the electronic elements laced throughout the album.
There will always be the haters and naysayers though. The whiners that would have preferred the band stay cemented in their aggressive metalcore roots. There are several reasons for their massive success though, one that Worsnop joked about on his January 2020 solo tour. “Asking Alexandria prints money. We make money faster than we can spend it, and its because of the fans. There’s a connection.” The other reason being that the band is constantly evolving and making certain that each of their releases is still relevant. Not an easy thing to do during a pandemic when touring has been cancelled. Evolve or go extinct. It’s musical Darwinism. Asking Alexandria are the Great White Shark of the music industry that’s been cruising along, intimidating and fascinating us for the past 13 years. Maturing not only as songwriters but as performers also. How many bands do you know that could be interrupted by a passing train horn blaring during a live performance and still go on without missing a beat?
For Asking Alexandria though one thing is certain, they will never lose sight of their core sound and intrinsic style.



01. House on Fire
02. They Don’t Want What We Want
03. Down to Hell
04. Antisocialist
05. I Don’t Need You (featuring Grace Grundy)
06. All Due Respect
07. Take Some Time
08. One Turns To None
09. It’s Not Me (It’s You)
10. Here’s to Starting Over
11. What’s Gonna Be
12. Give You Up
13. In My Blood
14. The Violence
15. Lorazepam