Kidneythieves; Live in Chicago 2002 (Throwback Review)

Live in Chicago 2002
Red Sleeve Music
The true test of any bands musical talents is to prove themselves on stage in front of an audience. The whole point of being a musician is to prove that you are competent and capable to perform a live show. It’s rare that a band comes across as being as impressive live as they are in the studio. My introduction to the kidneythieves was during KMFDM’s Strung and Drang tour in mid-2002. My first impression was nothing less then spectacular. For those us you who may have missed the opportunity to see kidneythieves live, now is your chance to have Free’s siren call right in the comfort of your domicile. Live in Chicago 2002 proves kidneythieves are a live band. The band may have been formed in the studio, but they are surely meant to be witnessed on the stage.
Someone once told me that a live CD is only released to give the band more time in the studio to work on upcoming releases, while keeping their fans content enough to remain faithful. This album, however, features tracks that are only improved by being recorded in a live environment, with a crowd supplying backing vocals to their favorite songs. This live release has not only the entire 8 song set, but also boasts an acoustic version of “Before I’m Dead,” also featured on the “Queen of the Damned” soundtrack & movie, as well as a new track. “Red and Violet” was written while on the road and recorded after their first cross-country tour concluded, and only gives up a glimpse of the continued improvement the band is making.

Recommended Tracks:
2: Black Bullet
5: Crazy
6: Glitter Girl
10: Red & Violet