Dustin Bates announces debut album of MNQN side project

The first single for Bates ultra futuristic side-project, MNQN, dropped on Spotify today!
“Man on the Moon” will be the lead single from the as yet untitled debut album which drops on April 5th. Pre-orders will start next week, but no news on whether it will be a kickstarter type of pre-order, or something new.
“Man on the Moon” is the fourth song released under the MNQN moniker, Bates rebellious AI creation, following “Animal Oddity”, “Amphetamine”, and “What Have You Become”.
When asked about the future of STARSET, and if MNQN meant the end of the band, Bates replied with “if this project is being released, it means that this project is finished and I’m probably now working on something else.”
MQNQ definitely does stand on its own, and provides another creative outlet for Starset’s singer guy.
Listen to MNQN HERE on Spotify.