Rammstein, Rammstein: Paris

Spinefarm Records
19 May 2017

I’ve waited years for a live album like this. Rammstein have been one of my favorite bands for almost 20 years. I was finally lucky enough to have seen the band perform on the 2001 Pledge of Allegiance tour that was co-headlined by System of a Down, and Slipknot. It was brutal. Fire and metal. 15 years, Rammstein are still Fire and Metal.
The live DVD for the band’s 2012 Paris performance is finally surfacing, and showcases some of the best video footage I’ve ever seen.
Recorded over two days, May 6th and 7th, 2012, during the band’s Made In Germany tour, Rammstein: Paris highlights some of the bands hardest hitting tracks from their 1995 to 2011 catalogue. To be able to maneuver a 22 song set while dodging bursts of flame, and fireballs, as only Till Lindemann can, creates an all encompassing concert experience. The detail put into this live show is something rarely seen. The DVD gives us a rare glimpse into one of the most technical live shows that has ever toured. The apocalyptic visuals presented on this DVD enhance the overall experience of the band’s music. The use of multi-angle camera shots give us so much detail, it’s difficult to not be fully immersed in the concert experience.
The accompanying audio CD is a perfect standalone expansion for the release. The band chose some of their heaviest material for this tour. Rammstein: Paris is not like listening to the corresponding live tracks. The tracks are each meticulously crafted for their live performances. The quality of the tracks will undoubtedly raise the bar for any listener who enjoys the live music releases.

Asche zu Asche
Feuer Frei
Men Teil
Du Riechst So Gut
Links 2 3 4
Du Hast

2nd set: B-Stage
Bück dich
Mann gegen Mann
Ohne dich
Mein Herz brennt
Ich will
Frühling in Paris

After being successfully shown in movie houses in 46 countries, “RAMMSTEIN: PARIS” has been released as a director’s cut on DVD, Blu-ray, CD,  Vinyl, and digital!

The “Made in Germany 1995–2011” tour that Rammstein went on in November 2011 was a monumental undertaking. With 78 concerts in Europe and 21 in North America, baggage included a 24-meter-wide steel stage that was 15 meters high, 100 loudspeakers, a 380,000-watt sound system, 25 trucks and 125 crew members.

If you make a film about a tour like this, there’s no such thing as thinking too big. That’s also the main reason why “RAMMSTEIN: PARIS” is only coming to cinemas and Blu-ray players a good four years after the Paris concerts it was filmed at in March 2012. Director Jonas Åkerlund did everything he could to portray the band’s performance as accurately as possible when he made the film.  

With 22 songs from the band’s whole repertoire, the resulting film isn’t just the most spectacular concert film to date about the band that is currently the most successful German rock band – it’s a masterpiece of music cinema! A total tapestry of ever-changing images awaits the viewer.

Åkerlund is notorious for his radical, pioneering videos, which are ablaze with all kinds of unique, idiosyncratic details, shifting perspectives, shocking contrasts, and moments that leave the viewer dizzy with delight – in “RAMMSTEIN: PARIS” he celebrates this from the very first minute. Rammstein performs 22 songs (128 min.) in the film, ranging from “Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?,” which is the first song from their very first record, to “Frühling in Paris” from their latest studio album, Liebe ist für alle da.

Take a first look at “RAMMSTEIN: PARIS” HERE. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqnk9HWbKRA

“RAMMSTEIN: PARIS” is available in the following formats:
LTD. “METAL” FAN EDITION: 2 x CD + Blu-Ray (laser-cut metal plate cover artwork)
SPECIAL EDITION:  2 x CD + Blu-Ray or DVD (8 Panel Digi-Pak)
DELUXE BOX Set: 4 x Vinyl + 2 x CD + Blu-Ray (Black cardboard box, 4 blue 180g vinyl LP’s)
STANDARD EDITION: Blu-Ray (6 Panel Digi-Pak)
AUDIO-CD: 2 x CD (8 Panel Digi-Pak)
DIGITAL: Download + Audio Streaming