Breaking Benjamin; Dark Before Dawn

Breaking Benjamin
Dark Before Dawn
June 23, 2015
Hollywood Records

This is certainly the review I thought I’d never write, but hoped that someday I would. After the band’s 2009 release, and subsequent hiatus amid legal issues, many of us wondered if we’d ever hear new music from Breaking Benjamin, or if it would be Burnly himself releasing a solo album. Rumors started to spread in 2012, and were finally brought to truth in 2013; We would again hear from Breaking Benjamin.
For the fans who have enjoyed Breaking Benjamin’s previous albums, the sound and style of Dark Before Dawn may seem familiar. Burnley was once again the primary songwriter. Burnly stated that “I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. I think fans are noticing that the band hasn’t changed, because I’m the main songwriter, I always have been, and my process. It’s not gonna change.” After the tracks from Dark Before Dawn were mostly written, Burnley began assembling new members for the band. Jasen Rauch (lead guitar; originally from RED), Keith Wallen (rhythm guitar and backing vocals; originally from Adelitas Way), Aaron Bruch (bass), and Shaun Foist (drums; originally from Picture Me Broken) rounded out the current line-up.
In it’s entirety, Dark Before Dawn feels as though Burnly fine tuned Phobia.  Regardless of its familiarity, Dark Before Dawn offers listeners an incredible sionic journey. Burnly also worked with David Egger, the cellist on Ashes of Eden. Egger previously worked with Amy Lee of Evanescence on her solo album. Burnly draws from a variety of social, personal and cultural experiences and evolves Breaking Benjamin’s sound into another album that is thoroughly enjoyable.