The Dreaming; Alone (single)

The Dreaming
Alone (single)
Metropolis Records
November 11th, 2014

The Dreaming have evolved once again with the release of their latest single Alone. Chistopher Hall has finally reunited with fellow Stabbing Westward founder Walter Flakus and the two have crafted an evolved version of Hall’s The Dreaming with the two’s former band.
Hall’s vocals are pitch perfect on the track and meld perfectly with the band’s new style of music. Having the two founders of Stabbing Westward back together was something that I never thought would happen. I remember talking to Hall after one of The Dreaming’s concerts, asking him the reasons for starting fresh with a new band instead of continuing on with Stabbing Westward’s name. He was a little cryptic but his main point was that he’s not afraid to to start over and that The Dreaming was a new version of Stabbing Westward.
Now that Hall and Flakus are back on speaking terms, The Dreaming goes back to their original roots. Having worked together for nearly 15 years before disbanding, and with Hall continuing The Dreaming since Stabbing Westward ended, the two musical veterans are set to release some amazing music.
While Alone has a dark industrial vibe, Hall’s lyrics are inspirational and full of hope. I’m not sure if it’s written from 1st or 3rd person perspective but the track has a very warm emotional feel. It’s like The Dreaming are making sure that you know everything will be ok but they’ll punch you in the throat to get their point across.
For fans of Stabbing Westward, the music will still feel familiar. For fans of The Dreaming, it will feel improved and updated from the band’s previous releases.
The new album titled “Rise Again” was Chris Hall’s choice. He wanted to deliver an album that brought back the early Stabbing Westward sound that fans have been asking for.  Although the name Stabbing Westward is now dead and buried, the founders of the band are pleased to “Rise Again” as The Dreaming with the intense and haunting music that made them a multi-platinum band. “Rise Again” will be released in February world-wide on Metropolis Records.
The single can be heard for a limited time at the following sit
1. Alone
2. Alone (Reamped Mix)