Heather Nova News – October 2014‏

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Hi Friends

Wanted to let you know I have a PledgeMusic campaign running at the moment for the next studio album. The campaign has reached it’s goal but is still running (our goal was very conservative and only covered the producers’ and studio fees so all additional funds raised will still go directly into making the album – string sessions, travel, mixing, mastering, artwork, videos etc) and a percentage of each pledge goes to War Child UK. You can preorder the new album and also pledge on exclusive items. A lot of the itmes have gone, but if I am able to finish creating the ones already pledged on I will add some more. Stay tuned! You will also receive updates on the making of the album and photos from the sessions.

The recording sessions have been going really well – you can learn more about it all on PledgeMusic


See you soon

Heather x