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The Eternal Warrior Hunts Down ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #5!

First came Ninjak… Now prepare for the debut of Valiant’s next superstar hero! A new adventure begins as Archer & Armstrong run headlong into the fist and steel of the Eternal Warrior —  better known to Armstrong as his long-lost brother! Can Valiant’s history-smashing adventure duo outrun the world’s most experienced soldier before he claims the life of Archer? The clash of two immortal brothers begins on December 12th, only in Archer & Armstrong #5!


All-new arc. All-new mission. Bigger body count! Duane Swierczynski and artists Manuel Garcia & Arturo Lozzi hurl Bloodshot toward his toughest hardest target yet — Project Rising Spirit’s covert command center — on November 14th in “The Rise & The Fall”, beginning in Bloodshot #5!  Start reading here for a perfect jumping-on point into the series at the brutal heart of the Valiant Universe!


Valiant’s first star-studded storyline of the new year is here. Enter: Planet Death  — a six-part blockbuster that will see X-O Manowar attempt to save Earth by mounting a one-man invasion of The Vine homeworld! The must-read comics event of 2013 begins this January in X-O Manowar #9  — the first issue of two-part prelude by Robert Venditti and superstar artist Trevor Hairsine!

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There are a million dreams in the Big Easy. But now its worst nightmare is about to come true. As the forces of darkness prepare to claim New Orleans as their own, Jack Boniface must accept the legacy he was born to uphold. As Shadowman, Jack is about to become the only thing that stands between his city and an army of unspeakable monstrosities from beyond the night.
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