Exclusive Walking Dead First Look: The Zombies (Literally) Fence In the Survivors!


As the Oct. 14 return of The Walking Dead nears, we’re getting a clearer picture of just how dire the survivors’ situation is — thanks to, literally, a picture. In the exclusive first look from Season 3 below, we see our heroes inside the gates of the prison in which they’ll seek refuge, a pack of walkers only a chain link away. So, on one hand, they’re “safe,” and on the other, they’re trapped. Our interpretation: Yikes! RELATED | The Walking Dead Spoiler — Who’s Dying in Season 3?“I’m excited,” executive producer Robert Kirkman previously told TVLine. “There are new characters [coming] and a new tone. We’ve done some really cool stuff.”Including the evolving of little Carl, which you can almost see for yourself in the second photo. Not only has Chandler Riggs grown into his character’s (no longer quite so) oversized sheriff’s hat, but his glare says, “I mean business!” “He’s very much a part of the group now,” Kirkman has said. He’s “in the mix in really startling ways.”RELATED | Walking Dead Boss Confirms — More Airtime For [Spoiler] So, what do you think? Anxious to get back into AMC’s monster hit? And what are you most looking forward to — meeting David Morrissey’s Governor, getting to know Danai Gurira’s Michonne or… something else entirely?