Archer & Armstrong #2

Archer & Armstrong #2
Valiant Comics
September 5th, 2012
Valiant Entertainment
Fred Van Lente, Clayton Henry, Matt Milla

The new Valiant Entertainment has done it again. Fred Van Lente and Clayton Henry are creating an untold tale of subterfuge and manipulation that’s been shaping the Valiant Universe since before The Vine invaded Dacia.
The first issue gave us a peak at the corrupt 1% and a naive Archer who was only doing what his parents raised him for. Armstrong, however, just wanted to be left alone with his booze and strippers. When these two worlds collide, our heroes are thrust into a globe trotting adventure full of murder, mystery and one amazing history lesson. I can only imagine how this story will play out when we’re introduced to Armstrong’s brothers.
Van Lente’s take of Valiant’s ultimate buddy book is a new twist on these classic characters, full of hilarious one-liners; “In fact I deeply regret my earlier homicidal overtures”, Clayton Henry gives us an updated look on our reluctant heroes while keeping them familiar to fans of the classic Valiant series and introducing us to the creepiest cult members I’ve ever seen. And once again, Henry and Matt Milla are giving the fans some of the best artwork of their careers.
Here’s a thought though; Is there still going to be a future for Archer and Flamingo?

4 out of 5 rating