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THE VALIANT #1 (of 4) Written by JEFF LEMIRE & MATT KINDT Art & Cover by PAOLO RIVERA Interconnecting Variant Cover by JEFF [...]

The Pros and Khans of Tarkir

I have the honor of playing on the closed MTGO Beta, meaning that I get to try new client versions and get access to new card sets in order to make sure all the interactions function properly before they get released to the general public. So I thought I’d write up a little bit about [...]

HARBINGER: FAITH #0 Flies High with Joshua Dysart and Robert Gill in December!‏

HARBINGER: FAITH #0 Flies High with Joshua Dysart and Robert Gill in December!

Valiant is proud to announce HARBINGER: FAITH #0 – a brand new one-shot exploration of Valiant’s high-flying teenage Renegade and Unity’s newest team member!

Coming in December from New York Times best-selling writer Joshua Dysart (Harbinger, Harbinger Wars) and rising star [...]

Spike; Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

Lonnie; First off thank you so much for your time. I know you guys are getting ready for Riot Fest so I will keep these short and sweet. You guys have been pumping out amazing covers since the 90′s how do you go about picking out the songs you are going to do for albums? [...]

Flyleaf’s “Between The Stars” Out NOW & Upcoming Tour!‏


Flyleaf Family! We are so thrilled that our album is out today nationwide! We worked so hard on this record and we truly couldn’t have done it without the beautiful support of our fans. This album goes out to you and we hope you love it as much as we loved creating [...]

Filter, Helmet, Local H; July 25th, 2014, Omaha, Ne

The Anti-Folk Revival In Drop D Tour Sokol Auditorium Omaha, Nebraska Filter Helmet Local H

Doors for tonight’s Low Dough Benefit Show were pushed from 6pm to 7pm, presumably to allow the local show playing in the Underground time to finish. $10 tickets meant there was no excuse to miss tonight’s event. Hard core fans [...]

The Everymen, August 18th,2014 O’Leaver’s Pub

Being straight edge going out to bars on a Monday night isn’t normal I thing I choose to do, but this Monday was a special occasion. O’leaver’s pub was the place and The Everymen were the reason. Normally I don’t like to listen to the full catalog of the band I am going to see, [...]

*EDITED* FILTER’s Richard Patrick Unsure of Band’s Live Continued Presence

For so many of us, Richard Patrick’s music with Filter helped to define a generation, and gave us an outlet to deal with the problems we all faced in life. After nearly two decades of writing music with the likes of Wes Borland, Amy Lee, Trent Reznor and Stone Temple Pilots’ Robert and Dean DeLeo, [...]

Attend Your Khans of Tarkir Prerelease this Weekend

Join players from around the world this weekend as they make the trip to their local stores to participate in the Prerelease for Khans of Tarkir! Find your nearest store and make sure to preregister for the event! Never been to a Prerelease and aren’t sure what to expect? Make sure to read the Khans [...]

September’s FNM Promo is Banishing Light!

Get a free premium promo of Banishing Light at your local FNM. Visit the store locator to find the Friday Night Magic nearest to you! Promo only available while supplies last.

Khans of Tarkir Top 10

Khans of Tarkir Pre-release, September 19th Official Release, September 26th

It’s Christmas in September for Magic: the Gathering players. This month’s release of Khans of Tarkir sets into motion the beginning of major changes for the game that redefined card games back in 1994. The Khans set will be the final 3 block set Wizards [...]

Magic: the Gathering, Investing in Rotating Core Sets 101

Investing in Rotating Core Sets 101:

Well it’s time for another core set to rotate out. We are in a market that we have never really seen before as magic players where the next format of magic is actually very popular unlike extended. We also don’t need a format breaking card either for it to [...]

Motionless In White; Reincarnate

Motionless In White Reincarnate Fearless Records Release: 16 September 2014 Pre-order link; https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/reincarnate/id892908274

“My enemy will not be the end of me,” Chris Motionless chants during Death March, ‘Reicarnate’s’ anthematic opening track. Chris Motionless expressed in an interview with Rocksound magazine that recording ‘Reincarnate’ was much easier compared to the band’s sophomore full length [...]

Why you should be playing Fetch Lands over Evolving Wilds.

There I stood over the glass case looking at all the expensive, rare Magic cards with my friends flanked on both shoulders. I had only been playing for a short time and I was excited to be at my first game store to look for new cards. As I looked into the case, I noticed [...]

Neon Trees are canceling their show in Omaha, NE on 10/9‏

Neon Trees statement: “Neon Trees regretfully must postpone some dates of their upcoming fall tour due to health issues of bassist Branden Campbell, who recently underwent open-heart surgery for a valve replacement. The intense touring schedule has been exhaustive and doctors have advised Campbell to slow down. “We had initially thought we should cancel the [...]