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Lincoln ZombieFest 2012 and SPOILERS for Season 3 of The Walking Dead

I spent last night (August 24th) hanging out with friends old and new. The Lincoln Zombie Walk was an event that I’d never attended but will certainly be going to next year.
The event, which took place at the Pershing Center, had a decent enough turn out and offered a great selection of vendors to keep everyone’s attention. Personally though, I was there to meet the Walkers from AMC’s The Walking Dead.
Sonya Thompson, featured on numerous print ads and scattered throughout the 1st and 2nd seasons, was a pleasure as always. She’s my Mama Bear and I honestly wish I’d have had more time to spend with her.
Larry Mainland is also featured in numerous print ads for The Walking Dead seen throughout the world. I’d interviewed Larry back in 2010 before the pilot episode aired, but I’ve never met him, so it was great to finally shake his hand and thank him for all his hard work in helping to bring my obssession to life.
I didn’t get much time with Danny Riker, but he seemed like a very nice guy and spent the majority of his time talking to guests about his various projects.
Then there was Kevin Galbraith …. Kevin and I have been chatting on facebook for almost a year now, mostly just giving each other a hard time about what ever the topic of the day was. I was hoping that he wasn’t going to be one of those Walkers with a big ego and I’m glad to say that he was one of the most down-to-Earth actors I’ve met.
Kevin is one of the few actors who’s been featured in all three seasons and was kind enough to tell me about his time in Season 3.  Kevin took a beating during his scenes, which were filmed around June 10th, so if you do the math, you can fingure out roughly which episode he’ll be in. Kevin was also featured in Season 1, Episode 3 as one of the walkers trying to burst through the chained doors to the department store’s roof where Merle was handcuffed to a pipe.
Kevin even went so far as to keep tally of how many people came up to his booth and we either for or against him being the one to kill off Dale. Finally count? 4 Against, 5 For. Galbraith even told us about some of the KNB mannequins he got to work with, telling us they are some of the best we’ll ever see.
Finally there was Savana Wehunt. Savana has had an extensive career, especially with The Walking Dead. She appeared in Nicotero’s webisodes, ate Otis, was Chandler Riggs and Madison Lintz’s stand in during season 2 and shot Walker Shane. The whole story is that Riggs isn’t old enough to handle a real gun in the state of Georgia, so it was Wehunt who actually pulled the on screen trigger that took out Walsh’s walker.

Wehunt also has a role in Season 3.  Wehunt and I went on to chat about her time on the set and I swear you will all be blown away when you find out who she’s playing!
And lastly; As many of you know, I’ve been sending the cast and crew of The Walking Dead fanmail since before the 1st season aired and I’ve gotten some amazing returns.
Yesterday I was blessed to find a return from KNBFX guru, director and producer Greg Nicotero. He had signed 3 photos for me and writen a quick note. According to the note, Nicotero finished filming the Season 3 webisodes earlier this week where he played a Walker and the crew was currently filming episode 10 of 16.
Alright. That’s all I’ve got for now. Any questions?

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